10 Uses for Carpet Scraps

10 Uses for Carpet Scraps

There's been a few discussions on Re-Nest about what to do with carpet scraps, whether it's where to donate them, how to dispose of them, or how to reuse them. This Old House has a great section on their website of '10 Uses' and this months' list is new uses for old carpet scraps. There's a lot we've never thought of such as using scraps to make moving furniture easier, insulating your compost pile, muffling laundry machines and washing window screens. Get more details and the rest of the list – after the jump.

1. Move Heavy Furniture
Slide pieces of carpet pile-side down underneath the legs of a bureau, bed, or dresser then push it across the floor.
2. Get Your Lawn Mower Moving
Wedge scraps of carpet under the front edge of the traped wheel, which will provide traction to dislodge.
3. Cushion Your Knees When Gardening
Roll up a scrap of carpet and kneel on it when spreading mulch, planting flowers, or weeding.
4. Cushion for Your Dog/ Scratching Post for Your Cat
Line a dog house with old carpet to make it cozy, or make a scratching post for your cat by gluing scrap carpet to a 4x4 post.
5. Insulate Your Compost Pile
When it's cold outside, place a large scrap of carpet over your compost pile to keep heat and moisture in, which will speed decomposition.
6. Protect Your Car Doors From Damage
Attach strips of carpet to the wall of your garage so that you don't ding your door when you open it.
7. Scrub Window Screens
Dip a clean piece of carpet into warm, sudsy water, and rub the pile side onto screens to get rid of gunk, dust, and build-up.
8. Clean A Scraper While You Work
Scrapers and putty knives quickly gum up with residue as you remove paint with a chemical stripper. Wipe yours on a carpet scrap from time to time to keep the working edge clean and sharp.
9. Muffle Your Washer And Dryer
Place scraps of carpet underneath the feet of laundry machines to dampen thumping noises.
10. Keep You Sink Scratch-Free
Place a piece of carpet pile-side up in the basin when working on the faucet so that your tools don't damage the bowl.

Check out other creative 10 Uses at This Old House.

Image via jfeng's Flickr photostream

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