37 Reasons to Take Your Shoes Off

37 Reasons to Take Your Shoes Off

Jen DeRose
Aug 5, 2009

We started practicing this years ago not so much as a green move, but because we lived in a ski town. We didn't want our boots to track dirt and mud inside, or get the carpet wet. Now that we live in New York, the type of shoes may have changed, but we still leave our heels at the front door. But is it rude to make your guests follow suit? Here's someone else who doesn't think so, and her 37 reasons why...

We're not quite as extreme as Celestial Fundie, whose blog Shoes Off At The Door Please lists 37 reasons to take your shoes off. Here are just a few of her reasons:

#8: Shoes pick up small particles of grit that cause wear and tear to carpets.
#9: Shoes pick up traces of petrol fumes and industrial pollution.
#10: Shoes can pick up pesticides, fertilizers and other chemicals.
#11: Shoes pick up traces of animal excrement.

We like reason #25. Psychologically, removing your shoes helps you to enter a frame of mind where you keep your everyday troubles outside your home. And we'd like to add one of our own for apartment dwellers: #38 = No loud high heel clicks from your upstairs neighbors!

But if we have a a group of friends over, we let the rule slide. We remember a party where a guy friend wasn't wearing matching socks, so he walked around barefoot. (A sight we could have been spared.) What do you think? Do you make your guests take their shoes off?

Image: Maxwell Gillingham Ryan's entry way. Photo taken by Jim Franco

Originally published 2009-01-13 - CB

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