5 Places To Find A Kids Color Palette

5 Places To Find A Kids Color Palette

Sarah Rae Smith
Oct 21, 2009

We can cruise online articles and pictures till we're blue in the face, but when it comes right down to it, the most inspirational things can be things from our everyday lives. Here's 5 great places to find color inspiration for kids spaces...

Ball Pit/Play Equipment: It sounds silly to say out loud (especially without your kids around) that you think ball pits are beautiful, although some are more so than others. But check out the example above. The mix or oranges, purples and reds are highlighted beautifully with bits of yellow... it's like fall leaves, except with germs—moving on.

Bowling Alley: Sports of any kind are usually full of fabulous colors. It could be in the equipment or in the uniforms, but either way, there's bound to be repetitive blocks of color that make it easy to pick out which ones work best together.

Traffic: Being stuck in traffic can be more than a headache. Play the color game and look around for things that stand out to you. Some of the best colors appear at sunrise and sunset, when tail lights are fuzzy when silhouetted by the fun.

Antique Stores: Colors that were once bright aren't so much anymore, when it comes to relics of days gone by. Don't look at items for their use, but for color instead and you'll see a whole new world!

Bridges & Architecture: The raw materials used to construct large bridges and buildings are often times packed with cool colors. When paired with their scenic backdrops of trees and often water, the color palette is almost instant to your eye!

Do you have a favorite place you're always finding color patterns? Our world is full of so many, often times it's hard to remind ourselves we don't always have to find them inside the covers of a magazine. Share your thoughts in the comments below!

(Images: Flickr members suchitra prints, gitsul., loop oh, -just-jen-, Brent and MariLynn licensed for use by Creative Commons)

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