Apartment Therapy On... Less for More

Apartment Therapy On... Less for More

Regina Yunghans
Nov 18, 2009

Move over, "less is more". We're penning another dictum about quantities: "Less for more". Those of you who live in tiny spaces may know what we're talking about here: paying more for smaller, more efficient, or lower-quantity items. The opposite of stocking up. We ran into this on a recent trip to the grocery store for light bulbs...

This is a small example, and we hope what we're saying with this doesn't come off as petty:

We went to purchase two light bulbs. Because that's how many we needed and we don't have the space for "stock up"-style shopping. But the two-pack of bulbs was the same price as the four-pack. Our inner thrift-monger just couldn't let that slide, so we made room for storing away bulbs we don't need and never even intended to purchase.

We find that you actually run into this quite often when purchasing for a pint-size household. Be it with food, supplies, appliances, or even furnishings, it seems you're often paying a premium for small.

Now that that's out of our system, is anyone in need two light bulbs? "Half" price? We'll go halves with you on a four-pack next time. All kidding aside, this kind of pricing does kind of have us considering pairing up and splitting goods so we can take advantage of "stock up" prices without "stock up" space.

What has been your experience getting less while paying more?

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