AT on ... Growing Up in a Green House

AT on ... Growing Up in a Green House

Stephanie Kinnear
Jul 22, 2009

Recently, I've been giving a little thought to the way my parents ran their house and how that has affected the way I try to run mine. All in all, I would have to say they set a very good example (which I try, often unsuccessfully, to follow). I've also been thinking about their subtle, simple brand of environmentalism...

I don't think my parents would ever refer to themselves as environmentalists. It's just not part of their thinking — however, as I reflect on my childhood, I can see how they were truly committed to a sustainable lifestyle (long before it was fashionable):

  • There was always a compost heap in the backyard.
  • My mom insisted on using cloth diapers.
  • My mom has canned fresh, homegrown fruits and vegetables in the summer for as long as I've been alive.
  • My parents are avid edible gardeners (and my dad would love to rip up his front lawn, if only his HOA would allow it).
  • Recycling bottles and cans was always the norm in our household.

I wonder how much of this had an impact on my habits. I'm guessing it was a big one.

How many of you were raised green? Do you think it's made a difference in your life?

(Image: Flickr member sansy licensed for use under Creative Commons)

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