AT On... The Organizing Process

AT On... The Organizing Process

Beth Zeigler
Mar 19, 2009

031909process-01.jpgYesterday afternoon, we needed to channel some good vibes after having a bad morning so we decided to lose ourselves in organizing. Organizing, like cleaning, can be quite therapeutic so we put on a record and dove right in. We realized something in the process that sometimes needs reminding...

We re-organized our closet about six months ago but were a little frustrated at our inability to let some items go. We knew we hadn't worn certain items in at least a year but we decided to hang onto them "just in case." Because our closet is the size of an ice box, it leaves little room to grow and unfortunately, items are difficult to access. Despite the fact that we had just re-organized our closet, we decided to give it another go. It surprised us that shoes that we had previously kept out of fear that we might wear them, were easily thrown into a donation bag. As we came across each item, we decided to be painfully honest with ourselves. All of a sudden if felt ridiculous keeping items that we knew we hadn't worn in over a year. The latest pass at organizing our closet left us with room to grow--2 drawers of a rolling unit to be exact. Our jewelry is now very accessible and our photos (that we rarely look at) found a home on the top shelf. We discovered for ourselves, it's important to make second and third passes at an area--especially if you initially had difficulty deciding on what to toss.

Have you ever had this experience when organizing (letting items go on the 2nd or 3rd pass felt easier)?

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[Image from Look!: Artwork In Closet]

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