BlackBerry Challenge: Think Like a True Crackberry Addict

BlackBerry Challenge: Think Like a True Crackberry Addict

Taryn Williford
Jan 20, 2009

We know sometimes that solving a problem or answering a question—like figuring out if the sushi place is still open or what people in China call their good plates—with your smartphone may make you feel like James Bond, but this new game from BlackBerry actually shows you how damn smooth you can be with your smartphone smarts. Click through and choose to accept the "Art of Smart Challenge" from Blackberry...

Blackberry and Orange have team up to put together this rather strange but clever viral video/competition to show off their range of BlackBerry® smartphones. Check out this teaser:

Designed to show off the BlackBerry range of smartphones while entertaining the player, this game makes you use your smart skills and your virtual BlackBerry smartphone to get to your dinner date is Paris. Along the way you are faced with obstacles that stop you in your tracks, but if you've got your thinking cap on, you should finish the task in time.

The key to the game is to think like a true CrackBerry addict to get you through the challenge. The clever thing about this whole viral campaign is that it really is a creative way to show off the features a BlackBerry smartphone can offer.

Click here
to start the challenge.

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