Cover Your Stuff in Hot Glue Like 2nd Grade

Cover Your Stuff in Hot Glue Like 2nd Grade

Taryn Williford
Jan 8, 2009

Remember the first time you figured out you could make a second skin by covering the palm of your hand with a thin layer of creamy, sticky glue? Remember when you first realized that your hand is the perfect shape to make a damn good turkey cut-out? Do you remember when hot glue was the coolest thing because it could pretty much glue anything to anything? It's still pretty cool for a ton of different reasons. And now you're probably old enough that you won't need to call the teacher over to help you use it and you can finally get your mitts on that really cool super-hot melty gun. So why don't you try out this cool—and super easy—DIY project to make a unique USB flash drive that will glow like a radioactive stalagmite when it's in use...

Instructables user whosdadog posted this super-easy 4-step DIY project, and step one is "acquire a flash drive," and step four is "plug it in use it," so it's kind of like a bonus step to get your confidence going—like when the first direction on an assembly guide is to open the box (Duh! We opened the box to get these instructions out, dummy!)—and then a step you automatically have to do.

For the record, steps 2-4 are: break off the casing (he recommends using a non-retractable drive), and cover the USB drive in hot glue.

This could be a great mod for someone who broke the outer casing to their drive but has separation anxiety with inanimate objects. They can keep their trusty friend by giving him a whole new wardrobe.

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