Finding Time for Your Home: Tips and Tricks

Finding Time for Your Home: Tips and Tricks

Sarah Coffey
Oct 26, 2009

Right now we have a long list of good intentions for our home, but so far this month we've been unable to find the time to check anything off. Out-of-town visitors, work projects, and everyday distractions are keeping us from getting anything done. We stumbled across an article that gave us some fresh perspective…

…on The article had nothing to do with home improvement, but it did address the issue of time-management. In How to Avoid Feature Creep in Your Life, author Leo Babuta compares overloaded schedules to "feature creep," a term used by web developers to describe all the add-ons that can actually have a negative effect on a program, bogging it down and making it run slower.

Not only did we realize that our day-to-day schedule is experiencing "feature creep;" so is our well-intentioned to-do list for our home. After reading the article, we decided to take the author's advice and "start with a blank slate." We're tossing out the checklist and letting go of all the added features that are only aiding in our procrastination. From here, we're choosing just one project that we really care about finishing. Ultimately, we want to focus on doing less and doing it well.

Another tip that comes from the Apartment Therapy Home Cure has always helped us in situations like this: Realize that anything you do for your home is something you're doing for yourself." When you see your home as an external expression of your internal self, you begin to realize that taking care of it equates to taking care of yourself.

Give us your tips for finding time for your home in the comments below.

Photo: Emily and Jacob's Poetically Photographed Home

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