Good Food with Evan Kleiman: A New Look for Olive Oil?

Good Food with Evan Kleiman: A New Look for Olive Oil?

Emma Christensen
Jan 21, 2009

We've heard (and discussed) boxed wine, but what about boxed olive oil? Jeremy Meltzer of Yellingbo Olive Oil Company was on Good Food this past week to tell us why he thinks boxed olive oil will be the next big thing to hit his industry...

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If you think about it, boxed olive oil makes sense for all the same reasons as boxed wine. Just like wine, the quality of olive oil deteriorates quickly when exposed to air and light. The vacuum "bladder" or bag-in-a-box system eliminates both concerns, protecting oil from early oxidation and rancidity.

Meltzer explains that another big advantage of this package system is how easy it is to use. The spigot helps control how the amount of olive oil being poured and won't drip, which can be a problem with tins and bottles.

Our only concern with this is how to use the box if we only need a tablespoon or two. It seems like it would be unwieldy to hold the large box above the pan with one hand while trying to operate the spigot with the other. Of course, we could see storing the larger box in a cupboard and siphoning off just what we need for a few weeks into a separate bottle.

Meltzer also says that his boxes are entirely recyclable, from the cardboard used for the box to the plastic in the bag and the spigot. He's also had the plastic tested to make sure it is safe and isn't leaching anything harmful into the oil.

We're definitely up for giving this a try! What about you? Would you buy olive oil in a box?

• Hear Evan Kleiman's entire interview with Jeremy Meltzer, and the rest of this episode of Good Food, on the Good Food website!
• Check out Yellingbo Olive Oil Company. They're an Australian company, but ship anywhere in the US!

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(Image: Yellingbo Olive Oil Company)

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