Good Questions: Help! Home Office "Disaster Zone"

Good Questions: Help! Home Office "Disaster Zone"

Janel Laban
Feb 26, 2009

Kim sent in a good question: I am having some very big issues with the "office" in my bedroom. I don't really need an *actual* office space, as I don't work from home and mostly use my laptop on the couch, but I do need some office STUFF storage. My current situation is just not working, and never has, and I could really use some advice!

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I want to keep the wooden desk (note that it has a slanted surface - which lifts up to reveal a compartment underneath...I'd like to have this surface clear so I can use the storage underneath), and the trash can, shredder and printer must stay, but other than that, I'm flexible. The printer is on top of a plastic-drawer-cart thing that I rather like, but I don't think I'm utilizing it fully. I need a way to store my way-too-stuffed file folders, and there's a mess of technology junk that I can probably mostly get rid of...but I need some way to organize it all! File cabinets? Shelves? Magic?

There is also the issue of the awkward corner...the current layout of things leaves this little area in the corner that is just empty. I'd love to use it, but I don't know how. Some sort of corner storage table?

Usually I am pretty good at thinking of creative ways to organize my space, but I'm having a hard time (obviously). Yes, I know I need to go through the stuff and probably get rid of a lot, but that's not my problem...the problem is the actual physical arrangement of space, and possibly getting some other organizational furniture that isn't too expensive...

Please help! Pictures attached so you can see the disaster zone :-)

Can you help Kim out? Please share your ideas below....

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