Good Questions: Getting Threatened With Eviction!

Good Questions: Getting Threatened With Eviction!

Gregory Han
Mar 2, 2009

Dear AT Community: on Jan 24th I moved into a new apartment; I'm subletting a 3rd bedroom from a couple that has lived here for 5 years and needed some help with rent. I'm currently paying $600 a month and just paid the March rent. The landlord sent us a notice that if im not out buy the 4th (in 2 days) that he's going to evict everyone. His reasoning is because he did a credit check on me (about 1 week ago) and I wasn't approved that I need to vacate. I've already paid on time, I'm quiet and clean, but the landlord feels like he cannot trust me because of my credit. What are my rights, if any?? What should I do? I can't find a co-signer and I really want to stay here. Please let me know if you have any idea what I should do. I just want a place to live and call home. Thanks., Cameron.

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Unfortunately we think Cameron doesn't have any leeway with his situation, since he was likely subletting from the couple without the the owner's knowledge. We recommend he check out the local library for the California's Tenants Rights. Even one of our own has been evicted from her place, though with much different circumstances. Anyone out there been able to convince a landlord about letting you stay despite poor credit? This sort of sad predicament may become more and more common as the economy continues its downward spiral.

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