Guess the Decade: Dressing Room - The Answer

Guess the Decade: Dressing Room - The Answer

Janel Laban
Jan 21, 2009

I'm starting to think that the AT readers are know your decor!

(Click here to guess first - then jump below for the answer & more photos)

90 of you got it right - it is most definitely now. Many of you (47) guessed the 80's (and we can totally see why - there is a very eighties vibe going on) followed by the 90's with 30 votes and the 60's with 24 votes. We're surprised the 70's didn't get more votes (only 20 to be exact) and the 50's and 40's brought up the rear with 12 and 9 votes, respectively.

As always, we found the comments very interesting and insightful:

The closets don't look like vintage clothing to me. Too much stuff! I voted for the eighties, mostly because of the rug. The colors just made me think of 80's early 90's... - Lilli K.

Reminiscent of 30's movie sets, mirrored drawers, animal print upholstery, etc. yet the giveaway is the double hung closet rods & absence of visible lengthy frocks. I therefore voted 80's, the dawn of the closet organizing era. Whenever it is from, Feminine & Bee-yoo-tee-ful!. - travlingal

I guessed the 60's based on the bold patterns in the clothing...but, after reading the other posts, now I'm not quite sure! - sleggo

Well, the lucite & leopard chair, the poodle, the chinese art deco rug (which was huge from the 20's to the early 60's) leads me to believe it's the 60's. The two things that throw me off; the black closet & the storage/ottoman. But I'll vote for the 60's. - Vcast

The asymmetrical Swarovski Chandelier and the wenge-paneled closet system are dead giveaways...some pieces many be vintage, that that room is 21st Century. - bepsf

I am guessing 40's just to be contrary.- LuluParis

The dressing room was designed by Jonathan Adler and is located in New York. Here are a few more fun rooms from the same residence:

Congrats to all who guessed correctly and thanks to all for playing along!

Photos: via Jonathan Adler

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