How to: Arrange and Hang Picture Frames Using Butcher Paper

How to: Arrange and Hang Picture Frames Using Butcher Paper

Gregory Han
Mar 3, 2009

Here's a tip from one our readers about how to hang an arrangement of picture frames without resorting to using tape, ruler or level:

The other day I was trying to hang an arrangement of nine picture frames on a wall in my new house. I am allergic to using a measuring tape or ruler for some reason (too much hassle). However, the last time I'd hung this particular group of pictures I'd had them perfectly arranged on the floor- and then once I tried to transfer them to the wall I couldn't maintain the spacing, and the arrangement looked awful. I ended up poking about 800 holes in the wall just to make it look decent (not a good thing for a renter)...

This time around, I had an "a-ha!" moment- I tore off a big piece of butcher paper, arranged the pictures on the floor on top of it, and then traced around the frames once I'd found the arrangement I liked. I removed the frames from the paper, marked approximately how far down the nail should be, and then taped the paper onto the wall. I hammered the nails in through the paper, took the paper down, hung the frames... and they looked PERFECT. I was thrilled, and thought that if I could save just one person from having to pick up his or her measuring tape, and having to make a million pencil marks on the wall itself, it would be worth writing in to AT.

Thanks Emily for writing in your useful tip. If you've got a useful tip you'd like to share, please contact us (preferably with an image or two).

[Top photo: Danny Seo who also mentions wholesale butcher paper suppliers]

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