How to Keep Cool Without Breaking the Bank on AC

How to Keep Cool Without Breaking the Bank on AC

Range Govindan
Jul 13, 2009

Summer is upon us and with the heat getting hotter, you might think that there is no relief in sight unless you just put the air conditioner on and let it cool your pad. The trouble is that you'll be spending quite a lot of money on your power bill during these summer weeks. For some, it's no problem, but for others, there might be a couple of hacks involved in order to keep things cool without breaking the bank.

1. Give yourself a squirt or take a cold shower
When the temperature gets really hot, spritz yourself with a spray bottle that has been kept cool in the fridge. As the water evaporates, it cools you. If the heat is even worse, you can always take a cheap and cold shower. Nothing cools you down quicker.

2. Improvise your own air conditioner
You can try putting a bowl of ice in front of a fan. Now, instead of blowing hot air, your fan will send around some cooler air. This makes a difference in keeping cool.

3. Stay in the basement
Just like some of you, we've spent time in houses without AC. It's not so bad when you remember that basements are usually a couple of degrees cooler since they are partially in the earth. You can easily notice the difference in temperature when you walk up the stairs.

4. Damp Towel
This is one easy hack that you can apply to your pad if your house is hotter and more humid than outside. Instead of pumping up the AC, just hang a damp towel on a window. The towel, which should be light-colored, will have its humidity evaporate. This will cool down the air flowing through your house. This can be easily done and will have an overall effect if you do so once or twice a day. Using your tower after drying yourself off from a morning shower can serve pretty well.

5. Keep them closed
If the temperature outside is more than 77 degrees Fahrenheit, keep the windows and everything else closed. The hot air will creep inside a cooler house otherwise. Also, most people start sweating when the temperature hits 78 degrees.

6. Use an AC smartly
Use a fan and your AC at the lower setting. The AC acts as a dehumidifier and makes it a lot cooler, while the air is recirculated using the fan instead of using the AC to accomplish this.

7. Food
Eat light, eat spicy and hydrate as much as you can. It's a well known fact that eating spicy foods cools you down as you will sweat more. It's also important to replenish the water that you lose from perspiring. -
[via Lifehacker and Real Simple, top image by Jim Winstead via CC license, second image by Nebulaenova via CC license, third image by Limonada via CC license]

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