How To: Make Your Own Soothing Bath Soak

How To: Make Your Own Soothing Bath Soak

Laure Joliet
Jan 26, 2009

I spent half the weekend doing everything I could to not catch what my boyfriend had: sore throat, runny nose, itchy eyes and fatigue and the other half dealing with having caught it. Cold weather, hail, sore throat, a trip to Ikea, it was the perfect storm. Only one good thing comes from being sick (not counting getting to gorge on really bad tv/movies) and that's permission to really luxuriate in a bath and then get directly into bed, no matter the time of day or night. Here's how I make it count:

I like bath stuff for sure, and have an array of powders, soaks and bubbles, but when my nose is clogged and my body is sore, I call in the big guns.

Homemade Bath Soak (For the Sniffles and Aches):
2 Cups of Epsom Salts
4-6 drops of either lavender or eucalyptus essential oils (or both)
at least 15 minutes of soaking in hot, but not too hot water

Many of you already know about how great epsom salts can be (they're not just for old people!), they help soothe sore muscles and calm the nervous system, plus they're really cheap at the drugstore.

So when I'm sick, I crawl into this soak and it helps to soothe my body and clear out my sinuses before I climb into bed. It also gets me nice and warm before I slither into bed and pass out. It was especially nice this weekend with the cold weather since I don't like turning the heat on at night, I got the bed nice and warm right away and stayed cozy all night.

Image from Kelly's Craftsman Comfort.

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