Incredible Floating Monitors and Thought Out Workstation

Incredible Floating Monitors and Thought Out Workstation

Range Govindan
Oct 8, 2009

There's one thing to say about a well-organized workstation. It makes working a lot easier and pleasurable. This has got to be one of the more inspiring workstations that we've come across, and this isn't because of the tech involved. It's the great features which include a mission control console made from a shelf and a faux wall to hide all of the wires.

This incredible workspace has a bunch of different surprises. First and foremost, it's the floating monitors that really impress. The ambient Ambilight-like lighting is provided by a simple LED rope that's been screwed onto the three monitors. There's also a faux wall that hides all of the messy wires, thanks to some ingenious wiring which goes through the wall and comes back out 4 feet below.

This workspace is courtesy of Acflynn and the amount of thought that went into it is really impressive. After you've seen how he put together the floating monitors and the LED rope, you see the mission control console that he put together using a Pottery Barn shelf, that's been hollowed out and put upside-down on the surface of the wire-hiding floor box. The shelf serves as a place to hide peripherals like a USB hub, the modem, router, his keyboard and mouse base, as well as a Raritan KVM switch, so that his keyboard and mouse can be used for his laptop and his desktop. His monitors have buttons in front which allow him to switch sources. They include his Dell XPS desktop, which is anchored to the desk using HumanScale CPU600 CPU hanger, his IBM ThinkPad, that's hidden away near his desktop, and a hidden Dell laptop that's mounted inside the floor box.

The monitor assembly includes speakers that are mounted to the side. There is an eye-hook drilled into each of the side monitors. The speakers are held in place with these as well with some copper wire. There is a hole in the wall which guides the cables down into the floor box. There are no messy wires about. The floor box is made out of plywood with three sides painted to match the wall colors. It looks seamless and its perfect to hide all of the wires that are needed for this setup. The back of this box is open.

What we really like is that some of these features can easily be added to your workstation. The faux wall is just genius at hiding wires and anything that you might want to hide from sight. The triple monitor setup is neat, but we really like how the mission control console was used to hide away peripherals from sight. Acflynn went to a lot of effort to create this console, but we think that just using a floating shelf to hide peripherals does the same job.

[via Lifehacker, photos by Acflynn via a CC license]

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