Simple Green: Living With Less

Simple Green: Living With Less

Amber Byfield
Oct 1, 2009

Recently, our home has been getting a preview of the Fall Cure—we've been paring down and organizing like there's no tomorrow. But we have loving family members who want to give us things we don't truly need. Are we crazy to turn it down?

A couple of months ago, the TV went out. We have yet to replace it, and have instead been enjoying our peaceful evenings and taking advantage of shows available online. Some family members think we can't live without one, and keep offering to give us one. We've politely turned them down.

Another family member enjoys shopping with us and takes great pleasure in finding something we can go home with today, even if we're not in the market for it: a pair of shoes, a decorative pillow, a fruit bowl. We find ourselves saying, "It's very nice, and we like that style; but we don't need that right now."

While these are the kindest of gestures, we feel that accepting things we don't need (when we have a choice, that is; of course, if it's gifted, we politely accept), and as tempting as a beautiful new fruit bowl is, doesn't jive with the choice to live more with less stuff.

We think this is just an extension of our green living choices. We've gotten into a good habit of buying only what we need, for the most part, and have extended that to only accepting things we need. How do you feel on the "less is more" scale? Would you accept offers mid-shopping trip to be polite, or share your living with less stuff philosophy with the person offering to buy?

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(Image: Amber Byfield for Re-Nest.)

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