Roundup: Time Management Tips

Roundup: Time Management Tips

Beth Zeigler
Jan 6, 2009

010609time-01.jpgIt's a new year and many of you might be starting 2009 working from home. For those of us that have had the pleasure of being our own boss it can be amazing. You get to make your own schedule, follow your own routine and work from any room (or couch) in the house you please. But working from home does come with some cons.

You really do have to follow a schedule and make yourself follow a routine, otherwise, you may be back at a corporate office really soon for lack of failing to get things done at home. So follow along and put to use our favorite time management tips when working from home.

  • Do You Have A Morning Routine?
  • Have at least five things you do the same every morning to start the day off feeling right.

  • WFH: Working From Home
  • Set a daily schedule. This will help co-workers know when to expect you online...and when to expect you offline.
  • If you don't have a separate home office, try to clear up any evidence of "work" at the end of the day. Stow your laptop and papers away.
  • Try to get outside at least once during the day.
  • Define your boundaries with friends and family (just because you work from home, doesn't mean you're available to hang out).
  • Dress like you're going to work (take a shower, put on clothes--other than pajamas).

  • Zen and The Art of Desk Maintenance
  • Clean off your desk before the end of each day. Returning to a neat and clean workspace will help keep you focused and your work streamlined.
  • Only have one project out at any given time. A great way to group together items for a project are magazine file folders.

  • Time, The True Luxury: 7 Tips & Tricks from AT To Get More Of It
  • Turn off the television and keep distractions to a minimum. Don't feel the need to respond to every email right away. Have a dedicated time during the day to accept and return phone calls and to send and receive emails. That way, if you're in the zone, you won't lose your focus and you'll be more efficient.

  • Getting Out Of The House (Without Losing Your Mind)
    While Abby's post talks about getting out of the house, her daily routine is strong. Our favorite tips are;
  • Plan our days the the night before, making a list of what we have to do and working backwards.
  • We set up the coffee maker so all we have to do in the morning is boil water.
  • When the coffee kicks in, we check our emails and messages, return calls, straighten up the house then sit down to write.

What are your best time management tips for working at home?

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