Advice on Moving Furniture

Advice on Moving Furniture

Jenny Butler
Jan 27, 2009

Some good friends of ours are about to move into a new house together and can't afford removalists. They're fine with packing all there stuff into boxes and transporting them but the idea of moving all of their furniture has them in a panic. After years of collecting beautiful pieces the thought of one of them being damaged with one wrong move is understandably heart wrenching. We've put together our list of advice below, is there anything that you would add [before they learn the hard way]?

  • Before moving in, work out where your furniture will go. It might not stay there once you get settled in but it's better than having piles of furniture build up just inside the door.
  • When moving furniture with 1 or more people agree on what is the top, bottom, front and back. Usually someone will end up walking backwards and it's the other persons job to watch their back. Communicate clearly, like "There's a step coming up in 2 feet, 1 foot, you're on it". Avoid using the words 'Left' and 'Right' or at least try and say "Your left" or "Your right".
  • Look to see how the item is made and if it can be taken apart. Also, note where the weaker areas of your furniture are and be sure to carry it by the stronger points of the item. A common mistake is moving a top-loading washing machine by holding the plastic casing at the top end, DON'T - they break off.
  • Don't drag your furniture as this will damage the item [especially if its veneered particle board] or your flooring. Always lift and if its too heavy put it down to have a break occasionally.
  • Check over the space you are moving into for any obstacles. Measure doorways to be sure large items will fit, look up and make sure you wont crash into any light fittings as well as wall sconces.
  • Remember to remove any glass shelves, table tops or mirrors and keep these wrapped in blankets and well protected. If you're using a trailer to ferry your furniture, don't just think because things are heavy they wont need to be tied down well - we have actually seen a mattress become airborne at 60mph! And don't forget if you're furniture has drawers or doors, secure them - there's nothing like a truck full of drawer-box particles to dampen your moving day spirits.
  • Take your time. Slow and steady wins the race and you wont end up with dings in your furniture, walls or doorframes

Do you have any other moving tips??

[image by Gregory]

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