Kitchens and Bathrooms... Our Biggest Pet Peeves

Kitchens and Bathrooms... Our Biggest Pet Peeves

Beth Zeigler
Mar 5, 2009

030509peeve-01.jpgIt seems that whenever we're in a hurry the most common tasks become a five-step process. More than likely, you can relate (especially if you live with someone else). Because the kitchen and bathroom tend to get the most wear and tear, it's easy for things to get used without being replaced. We have our own pet peeves and we'd love for you to weigh in with yours after the jump.

  • Our boyfriend hates it when we position the toilet paper roll in the wrong direction (facing the wall). He thinks the roll should pull from the top (and will not budge on this issue).
  • Leaving the toilet seat up.
  • Our biggest pet peeve with the toilet paper is when there isn't a roll up to bat. Keeping a steady supply in the bathroom is key (whether it be out and about or stored in the cupboard below the sink).
  • Forgetting to replace the bar of soap and only realizing this once you're in the shower.
  • When someone takes the last paper towel and doesn't replace the roll. We have recently implemented using cloth towels to clean up spills which lessens the pet peeve factor all together.
  • Dirty dishes in general. We've finally realized, dishes need constant maintenance (otherwise, you're always out of a coffee cup or a bowl or a fork when you need one).

How about our AT readers--what are your biggest pet peeves when it comes to your kitchens and bathrooms?

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