Keeping Your Home Pest Free

Keeping Your Home Pest Free

The idea of sharing our home with critters doesn't usually creep us out — as long as they're in the category of pets. Even spiders and beetles in small, invisible numbers can be tolerable. But hold the phone if rodents, roaches and bedbugs, even fruit flies, are the critters in question. Oregon Home Magazine has compiled a really good list of surprisingly renter-friendly tips for dealing with the latter category.

Many resources for dealing with pests advise hefty methods like sealing up holes to the outside, calling exterminators, and poisons that can also be toxic to house pets. While those methods (especially sealing up the holes) may be necessary ultimately, this list has some great, accessible advice, such as the following:

  • Don't beat yourself up for being a bad housekeeper if you find a mouse in your house.
  • Bone up on the particular pest that has you under seige.
  • Especially mind your home's gaps during the middle of Oregon's rainy season.
  • Before you expose your family to toxic sprays or pellets, understand the biology of the pest you're trying to rid your home of.
  • Don't put off dealing with a pest infestation.
  • Be alert to tell-tale signs that you're sharing your home with pests.

For all of the tips and more details, check out the full article.

16 Tips for Keeping Your Home Pest Free

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