TV or Not TV? The Bedroom Question

TV or Not TV? The Bedroom Question

Abby Stone
Jan 20, 2009

12009-tvbedroom.jpgOur general philosophy on TV in the bedroom is no. We confine ours to the living room, reserving the bedroom as a sanctuary for relaxing, resting and, umm...recreation, a place where we can figuratively, if not literally, close the door against distractions from the outside world...

But we would've loved to have one in our bedroom this morning, where we could've watched the festivities while enjoying our coffee from the warm coziness confines of our bed. We have friends who enjoy having a tv in their bedroom. They like snuggling into bed to watch movies or their favorite programs; the white noise of the television helps them fall asleep; they like beginning their day with television news; it's a great option when you're sick. If they share a home with someone, having a second television in the bedroom can diffuse the conflict over what programs to watch; watching erotica together can add spice to your sex life.

If you decide to have a television in the bedroom, especially if you share a space with someone, consider these guidelines:

  • Put the tv on a timer so that it shuts off automatically. Consider headphones if you share your bedroom and the noise distracts your significant other.
  • Don't watch violent or scary movies before trying to go to sleep.
  • Place the television in cabinet so you can hide the TV when it's not in use or, if your bedroom's big enough, consider a sofa or chairs from which to watch.

Do you have a television in your bedroom?

[image: HiFi Sales]

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