Wonderwash Portable Washing Machine & Mini Spin Dryer

Wonderwash Portable Washing Machine & Mini Spin Dryer

Janel Laban
Jan 8, 2009

Wonderwash: according to the press release it is small enough for countertop use, is easy and safe to use, and will cut down on water and electricity usage as well as save money (as much as $150-250 per year because it uses 90% less water and detergent). It's been presented a greener alternative to traditional machines and good for apartment dwellers - what do you think? Too good to be true?

posted originally from: AT:Chicago

The idea behind the process? When warm water is sealed in the airtight drum, the heat causes the air to expand, which builds pressure. The pressure forces the detergent (which is diluted into the water) into & through the fabric about 100 times faster than you could by hand and it requires no electricity.

You can then rinse the clean clothes in the machine by replacing the water with clean, cold water or do the rinse by hand.

The same company also makes a Mini Countertop Spin Dryer that extracts the water from the clothes after washing. It is a 2.2 lb capacity and weighs 11 lbs.

The benefits?

  • Water and detergent savings of 90%, power savings
  • Compact and light
  • Quick - 5 lb load takes a few minutes
  • Money savings over use of laundromat

    The Wonderwash sells for $42. 95 and the Mini Spin Dryer is $69.95.

    We found a few comments on the Wonderwash on this previous AT thread but are wondering if there are any more reviews from readers...is it a thumbs up or down on these countertop laundry machines?

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